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No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee

Outstanding Results

Outstanding Results

Yes, We Offer No Win, No Fee

Our Sydney Law Firm offers No Win, No Fee for personal injury and compensation matters.

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$1,050,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement
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Our client was seriously physically and psychologically injured in a motor vehicle accident, leaving him with brain damage and requiring long term assistance from his wife. Our client received a settlement in the amount of $1,050,000 plus most of his costs paid. We were also able to obtain $75,000 for his wife on account of the secondary psychological injury she suffered due to her husbands injuries..
Large settlement for a Medical Negligence claim
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Our client, her partner, and their four year old son had been planning their wedding. However, before there was a chance to propose, our client’s partner died after he was incorrectly discharged from a major hospital emergency department after a junior doctor failed to recognise signs of a urinary tract infection. Our client obtained a sizable verdict and was thrilled with the outcome.
Almost $1 million awarded for our client who was unfairly provided for in a Will because of Undue Influence.
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Our 50 year old client had always lived at home with his father and elderly mother. When his mother died in 2014, our client discovered that his mother had left all of her estate to her brothers and sisters, rather than to our client. We were able to challenge the will on grounds of undue influence, and ultimately settled on our client obtaining 75% of the estate which was close to a million dollars. Our client was very grateful for us to obtain such a result.

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