Superannuation Claims

Are you unable to work for any reason? Most superannuation funds have a component for total and permanent disablement which means that you may be entitled to claim benefits if you cannot work.

There are even death benefits if a loved one has succumbed for any reason.

We can help you get lump sum benefits for you and your family. Generally the insurance policies are as follows:

Total and Permanent Disability claims Under the terms of your policy with your insurer which you may be entitled to claim when you can no longer work. Let us look at the fine print in your superannuation policy to see if you can make this claim – let us help you so that you can obtain the benefit ofentitlements you have under your insurance contract.

Death benefits Most superannuation policies have a death benefit that would entitle loved ones for claim.

Income protection You may be able to claim lump sum or on benefits. You may have a private policy for income protection or it may be a additional part of your superannuation policy. You may be entitled to obtain wages, or a significant lump sum. Contact us now to help you claim under your superannuation contracts.

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