Success Stories

We have a proven record with many years in maximising claims, exceeding your expectations and mostly without going to court

We have been fighting hard for our clients since 1989, and have a proven track record for achieving the best results. Winning Claims is our priority, and our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients get an outcome they are happy with.

Success Story #1

Our client was injured whilst shopping when a box of perfume fell on her as it was passed between two people working at the store. She sustained physical injuries together with a psychiatric injury. The District Court judge awarded our client $233,000.00. Upon the insurer's appeal, this increased the award to our client to an amount of $250,000.00 plus costs

Success Story #2

Our client has suffered a serious psychiatric condition when she was bullied as an assistant school principal.

We were able to obtain a settlement for our client of $985,000.00 which is almost double what the insurer had offered at mediation 12 months earlier.

Success Story #3

Our client, her partner, and their four year old son had been planning their wedding and looked forward to sharing their future together. Before there was a chance to propose, our client's partner died after he was incorrectly discharged from a major hospital emergency department. The hospital discharged our client after his first visit to a junior doctor who failed to recognise signs of a urinary tract infection.

Our client obtained sizable verdict and was happy with the outcome.

Success Story #4

Our client was bullied and received a serious psychiatric injury whilst he was working as a teacher. We are able to get him $630,000.00 – his prior lawyer has suggested that he settle on an amount a lot less than that. The insurer has only offered approximately half the amount at mediation.

Success Story #5

Our 50 year old client had always lived at home with his father and elderly mother. His mother died in 2014 and his father had died some 20 years earlier. His mother had left all of her estate not to our client who was the only child but to her elderly brothers and sisters who may have unduly influenced her in the making of the will. We were able to challenge the will and ultimately settled on our client obtaining 75% of the estate which was close to a million dollars. Our client was very grateful for us to obtain such a result.

Success Story #6

Our client was bullied whilst at junior school and then at high school in the Penrith area. Our client sustained significant psychological trauma and he eventually had to leave his high school because of bullying.

What is of significance, is that the bullying was reported by his parents on numerous occasions to the school, and staff at both our client’s junior school and high school and they did not take preventative steps with respect to the particular bullies involved.

At the District Court a settlement was accepted and the Department of Education settled on an award in excess of $320,000.00 Our client recieved the benefit of this on his 18th birthday. Our client and his parents were delighted with the result.

Success Story #7

Our client suffered physical and psychiatric injuries on account of a car accident. Although she had not worked for some time and was receiving Centrelink benefits she was ultimately able to receive an award of $220,000.00.

Success Story #8

Our client was a patient of a senior endocrinologist in Sydney. The doctor failed to diagnose our client's acromegaly, a rare tumour of the pituitary gland. After initial hearing, the matter settled on confidential terms which our client was very pleased with.

Success Story #9

Our client was a young boy who was very badly bullied at school. After much negotiation on the steps of court the Department of Education settled by paying him $250,000.00 and paid all his costs.

Success Story #10

Our client was seriously physically and psychologically injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered brain damage which requires his wife to care for him on a long term basis. Our client received a settlement in the amount of $1,050,000.00 plus most of his costs paid. We were also able to get his wife $75,000 for the secondary psychological injury she suffered on account of his injuries.

Success Story #11

Our client was one of three sons and thought he always had a loving relationship with his mother. His father had died some years before and his mother died in 2013. Unfortunately she left nothing for our client who by this time was living in the United Kingdom. We successfully settled his case withount him needint to go to Court. Our client was pleased as under the terms of his mother’s will, he would not have received anything.

Success Story #12

Our client was at home when she was told that her daughter had been killed in a horrific car crash. Our client suffered serious psychological harm and we were able to get damagers for our fallen client in the sum of $200,000.00 – also her surviving son received $40,000 Although neither of them were in the accident,they both suffered considerable loss and secondary psychological harm.

Success Story #13

Our client is one of Australia's leading psychologists however she and her father was distressed when her 76 year old mother went into hospital complaining of chest pains radiating to her shoulder through the back of her neck.

Her mother was very active and in fact had been at a hairdressing salon when she had pain. The hospital incorrectly diagnosed a heart problem and both the hospital and the hospital’s cardiologist failed to diagnose a tear in the aorta. An MRI was never offered to our client’s mother.

We were able to establish that regrettably the hospitals and the surgeon’s prescription of blood thinning drugs also cheated our client of many further years with her mother. Ultimately the case settled for $325,000.00 for our both clients.

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