Public accident/public liability claims

Have you been injured at a shopping centre, restaurant, hall in any public or private place? You may be entitled to compensation.

We have been helping people who have centres falls for many decades and have won cases against major shopping and department stores we have even won in circumstances where security guards have falsely accused and restrained our client causing him injury was loss and damage.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall, trip, unlawful restraint or any other type of accident including a physical or psychological injury which has caused you harm, loss of income or other loss contact us now so that we can help you claim compensation.

There are strict time limits for you to respond and we can assist you through the process. Contact us now for an obligation free discussions regarding your pain and suffering, economic loss, medical expenses or any other compensation which you may be entitled to.

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We have been helping people since 1989 with all types of claims, motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation claims, public liability claims, medical negligence claims, superannuation claims, wills and estate challenges.

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There are strict time limits for compensation claims. Contact us now to maximise your claim.

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