Medical Negligence Claims

Are you suffering as a consequence of the negligence of the actions of a medical treatment provider or hospital? Have you lost income, quality of life, medical expenses and endured pain and suffering because of negligent treatment? If so, contact us now. We have been helping clients for almost three decades to assist in having clients obtain proper compensation. Medical negligence cases are one of the most challenging areas of compensation. Our focus is on your health provider either a doctor or surgeon, specialist or hospital who has not done the right thing with respect to your medical treatment. What we will help you do is obtain the right expert medical evidence to show that the treatment you received was not correct. The medical evidence can be difficult however we will help you understand and obtain such medical evidence to support your claim.

The steps we take are:

  • Obtain all the medical history and records and document all relevant events;
  • Understand the medical errors;
  • Obtain medical experts reports to comment upon the evidence;
  • Advise you what your claim may be worth.

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We have been helping people since 1989 with all types of claims, motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation claims, public liability claims, medical negligence claims, superannuation claims, wills and estate challenges.

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